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4 Important Computers Throughout History

In Live E’s previous article, we spoke about some interesting facts about computers. Now, let’s look at the journey of computers throughout the years.

People are familiar with modern computers. Keyboard, mouses, neat little programs lined up on their Apple or Windows computers. However, computers have been here for a while.

If we describe a computer as something powered by electricity, then it only came out recently. However, if think of a computer as something that helps people compute something, then they have been here for thousands of years.

Let’s check out several influential and important computers throughout history.


abacus mathematics addition subtraction 1019470 1024x695 - 4 Important Computers Throughout History

This machine goes way back to 2,000 B.C., where it popped up in many country’s hands. This is technically the forefather of all computing devices. This simple device survived all the way until even today.

The abacus is a rack that has many beads on strings or rods. These beads represent a power of 10, and they can be slid up and down. Thus, the abacus has helped people count way more than they could ever have back in the day.


Next up, we have the Colossus. This was the first pure electronic computer. It was created by a person called Tommy Flowers at the Post Office Research Station in the 1940s.

The fact that it was purely electronic was quite a feat. However, it was made for only one purpose. At the time, many computers popped up to help the World Ward 2 effort of cracking codes. The Colossus was one of them. It helped with the analysis of the Lorenz cipher.


In this next computer, we have a real turning point in the computer era. We present the IBM PC, or the IBM 5150. The IBM 5150 was the computer that started the desktop trend of personal computers.

When this specific computer came out, there were a lot of skeptics as to how successful this machine would be. There were good reasons for the skepticism to as it was a very expensive investment to make. At the time, it costed $1,565. In today’s currency, it would cost almost $4,000.

This machine did not have much in terms of how we view computers today though. For one, it did not come with its own monitor. People could use their own TVs instead. Its memory was only 16kB big or you could use floppy disks too.

Apple Mac

Finally, we have the Apple Mac. While the IBM PC started the revolution, the Apple Mac filled in the gaps and capitalized on it. In fact, it made the current trend. For one, it had its own monitor. But that is not all.

At the time, people needed to type in programs to get the computer to work. For the Apple Mac computer though, they were already using graphical icons that people could click on to make programs work.

These are only a few of the most important and influential computers in history. We are eager to see what new computers will come up.