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Life sure has changed. In the start, there were only a few requirements essential to life. These include food, clothing, and shelter. After a while, work came into people’s lives and it was essential for people to have a job to survive.

Now though, life has continued to evolve and innovate. There are so many technological innovations that have helped to make life the way it is. These have helped make life easier, more convenient, and at people’s own comfort.

In specific, there are two things that have come into the fore of people’s lives. These are computers and the internet.

With computers, people could do things at a faster rate. The reach of man was extended with the use of the power of the computer. It allowed people to calculate faster. It helped in making new scientific discoveries. It even got a man on the moon.

Back then, those computers were as big as a whole function room. Now though, it fits in the palm of our hands. Or on our wrists.

Another thing is the internet. It has helped our connectivity with other people. It has also allowed for the easier spreading of information. The internet keeps innovating and getting faster.

Both of these pieces of technology have slowly become a must have in a person’s life. In no time, it will join the list of requirements essential to life. A right for all people to have.

This is what Live E believes and lives for. We try to cover as many aspects of computer and the internet as we can, so as to help people understand and appreciate the wonders of these things.