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4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Internet

The internet has become a permanent fixture in modern society. It has helped facilitate faster communications between people. It has helped collate and spread various pieces of information to humankind. And it is a great tool people can use to entertain themselves.

Despite its general use in people’s daily lives, people don’t really understand the internet and how it works. They also don’t understand how it came about and the many circumstances surrounded in it.

Live E presents two things that you did not know about the internet.

The Size of the Internet

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When people think about the internet, they think about searching any information possible. However, these are facilitated by search engines. The internet we see from search engines is only a fraction of the whole internet.

The internet is immense, and it continually keeps on growing. There are more pages out there that are locked behind areas where payments are needed, as well as log in areas.

A Place for Ideas

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The internet had a tenet to follow. It was that all data that came through there were treated equally. These also go for applications. The internet was made for software developers and engineers to apply their ideas in an unfetter manner. And it should stay that way!

Original Intent

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Originally though, the internet was created for reading and writing only. It was a place where people could publish their ideas and to read others. At the same time, people could modify what the others have written.

Does this concept sounds familiar? It should! In today’s day and age, this concept has been implemented in Wikipedia. It is a free source of information that anyone can contribute to and that others can edit as well.

Keys to the Internet

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Finally, we have the keys to the internet. It is absurd to think that the internet has keys, but there are people who do have the keys to the net.

These aren’t keys that can turn the internet on and off though, mind you. Rather, these are keys that have special access provisions to some of internet’s functions as well as hardware security modules. There are fourteen people who hold the keys.

These are only a few facts you didn’t know about the internet. The internet is truly fascinating. It is a neutral, free, and open tool that should stay that way. Let’s all work to keep it that way.