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2 of the Best Sports Streaming Sites

In our previous article, we spoke about several of the best streaming sites you can subscribe to. These included entertainment streaming service sites like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

These streaming sites came about and started to get famous because of the new “binge” culture. People want to consume as much media in their famous shows as they possibly can. It wasn’t a big surprise. The internet has made the younger generation want things whenever they pleased.

These streaming sites cover one aspect of entertainment. These are for TV shows and movies. However, people also have the same viewing habit to something different, like say sports.

Sports was confined to television for the longest time. You had to tune in to a specific channel at a specific time to watch the game you are waiting for.

While still in its infancy, sports streaming sites have begun popping up around the internet. Let’s take a look at several of the best sports streaming sites on the internet.


First up, we have ESPN. It comes as no surprise that ESPN is on here. For a long time, they ruled the sporting world. They were the authority in all news related to sports. It is also currently still one of the biggest cable channels on TV right now.

Their streaming service can be accessed through the ESPN website. Once there, you’ll be privy to a great number of streams covering different sports. All the biggest sports are there like basketball, football, baseball, and even sports played in college.

Some of the streams you can find here are totally free. No signing up or subscription payments needed. However, they will only be able to show certain games that they have the rights to. Thus, the games that you could watch for free are quite select and limited.

There is also a subscription fee that you can pay for in order to watch more games. But this still won’t allow you to watch every game. ESPN still has a television channel that has rights to certain games.

Still, it is better than nothing when you are hankering for some sports action.

Facebook Watch

Next up, we have Facebook Watch. As if Facebook was not all up in our lives as it is with social media platform, it is also trying to get in on the video streaming action.

Recently, Facebook has gained the rights to stream several different sports. These include one game a week from certain sports. These include soccer, basketball, and even surfing.

We hope you find the right sports streaming service for you.