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2 Smart TVs for Good Internet Streaming

The internet is a precious tool that people have. It allows for instant communication with people from around the globe. It is a great gateway to unlimited knowledge and information. Finally, it is a great way to be entertained.

With the rise of streaming services like Netflix, television is slowly moving towards the internet. Applications also help for people’s lives to be compartmentalized and convenient.

With the importance of both of these things, the internet has begun to meld with more classic forms of media like the television. Smart TVs were created so that you can watch your cable programming as well as surf the web and utilize a variety of apps as well.

Let’s look at several of the best smart TVs that are great for internet streaming.


Let’s start with the top shelf electronic. The LG OLED B8 is one of the best smart TVs out there right now. The B8 currently uses the most up-to-date web operating system from LG. It also runs the updated smart platform of LG.

The updated webOS ensures that there are a host of applications that you can download to enjoy on your smart TV. These include staples such as Netflix where the Live E team you’ll be binging the days away on.

The updated operating system also ensures that if you use a USB or hard drive that it will be very quick. Photos and videos won’t be a problem to play and there won’t be any delay or buffering.

When you use it for web browsing, there won’t be much loading time, even with heavy web pages.

Above all, the navigation is pretty simple. You can use the remote to just point at the menu and select where you want to navigate to. It is an extra that the menus look pretty good.

Sony X900F

While the B8 is a great smart TV, it is also one that costs a lot of money. One midrange alternative is the Sony X900F.

Admittedly, with the reduction of cost also comes a reduction of quality. There won’t be the same multiple viewing angles that the LG has. The colors aren’t as vibrant and you won’t get the perfect blacks akin to the B8.

Despite those though, the Sony X900F still has a picture quality that is better than most. Its blacks are also much better than those other ones in the market. The motion on this smart TV is also pretty smooth which allows for crisper pictures.

Whether you are watching TV, surfing the web, hooking it up to a console or a computer, the Sony X900F is a pretty good midrange smart TV.

These are the smart TVs best for internet streaming. We hope you find one that is suitable for you.